Covid-19 Update

To my patients:
there have been some noticeable changes to our office for those of you who have been there before. I have had to institute some new policies in this post-COVID world we now live in to protect you, my patients and my staff. Going forward I ask that you Do NOT Come if you are feeling ill, have a fever etc. Please see an Infectious Disease Expert or your Primary Care Physician. Let us know that you are ill and can’t make it.

I will utilize a virtual waiting room similar to the cell phone lot at the airport. When you arrive in the office parking lot please call us at (314) 966-8880 and when your exam room is ready one of my staff will come outside to meet you. You will have to answer a medical screening survey that you have not been exposed to sick patients and sign off that you are feeling good. This survey will have been sent you prior to your visit so you will know what you will be asked. Your temperature will be taken with an infrared thermometer and must be less than 99.6 to enter. You will be asked to bring and wear a mask or face covering when in the office. You will be asked to sanitize your hands upon entry to the facility and observe social distancing protocols that by now everyone is familiar with. In an effort limit the number of people in the office and exam rooms there will be no visitors or children allowed at this time. This new coronavirus has severe and significant morbidity in some patients and therefore it must be respected and taken seriously. Please bear with us as we learn more about it, hopefully this won’t last for long. Thank you and I look forward to seeing everyone.

Paul Rottler, MD, FACS