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Kelly's Breast Augmentation Story

Hi, my name is Kelly. I had breast augmentation done by Dr. Rottler in March of 2008. It was something I thought of doing a long time for myself. By the time I got the nerve to come in and ask some questions I was immediately put at ease by Dr. Rottler and his staff. They answered everything I asked, they made me feel extremely normal. They made me feel at ease with everything that I was thinking. By the time I left I was shocked to feel like it was something that I was actually going to do and something that I was extremely comfortable doing.

When I came in to have my procedure which was very quickly after the initial consultation I immediately changed the size that I had chosen and they quickly made me feel completely comfortable with that. I was happy with it; he actually walked through the whole procedure again before we went through. He made me comfortable; he made me excited. He made sure that I had everything I needed and all my questions were answered.

After the procedure he checked on me;I was already at home; I was up on the couch later that evening. I felt comfortable. He called and made sure I was okay. For days after I felt extremely thrilled about what I had done. There was very little pain. I actually received his number from a friend of mine who had a very similar experience. She was thrilled with her results. She had very little pain post-surgery. She actually had the same exact experience that I had with Dr. Rottler. I was thrilled with what the outcome is and I would strongly recommend anybody thinking about this procedure to come in and have a conversation with Dr. Rottler and his entire team. You will be happy that you did.