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    Mommy Makeover

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    Mommy Makeover procedures – including Breast Enlargement, Breast Lift, Tummy Tuck and Liposuction – are among the fastest-growing cosmetic surgery procedures. A Mommy Makeover in St. Louis from Dr. Paul Rottler or Dr. Hulsey allows women to get back to their pre-baby bodies with little recovery time.

    Having children can change a woman’s life in many ways. Most of those changes are welcome, but pregnancy and breast feeding can affect a mother’s body in many ways. Some new mothers find that diet and exercise is difficult with the new babies, and find that they now have very little “me time.”

    This procedure is ideal for these women, because you can remove the excess skin and fat from the abdominal area, fill in sagging breasts and contour the legs.

    Before & After Mommy Makeover Photos
    Before & After Mommy Makeover Photos

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    There are many factors to consider before undergoing a “mommy makeover,” such as your current health and lifestyle, the areas of your body you want to target, and how post-pregnancy plastic surgery will affect your family life. If you have successfully lost weight after your pregnancy but cannot reverse stubborn pockets of fat and sagging skin, you are probably a good candidate for cosmetic procedures.

    It is also important to remember that a mommy makeover isn’t just for recent moms — some women wait a few or several years before treating themselves. Dr. Rottler or Dr. Hulsey will tailor your Mommy Makeover to target the areas where you need help the most and to satisfy your personal goals.

    Am I a good candidate for a Mommy Makeover?

    You may be a good candidate for a mommy makeover if you have one or more of the following conditions:

    • Excess or sagging abdominal skin
    • Breasts that lack volume
    • An abdomen that protrudes and is out of proportion to the rest of your body
    • Sagging breasts
    • Abdominal muscles that have been separated and weakened
    • Excess fatty tissue that is concentrated in your abdomen

    Women who are physically healthy with no healing issues are excellent candidates for a mommy makeover procedure. Candidates must have realistic expectations.

    A mommy makeover is best for women who are already at or near their ideal body weight. Women who are not currently pregnant or breastfeeding and have no pregnancy plans within the next few years are ideal candidates for a mommy makeover.

    If you plan to become pregnant or lose weight in the future, you should discuss this with your plastic surgeon. Scarring from previous abdominal surgery may limit the results of your mommy makeover.

    How will Dr. Rottler and Dr. Hulsey evaluate me?

    Our surgeons may examine your abdomen and breasts while you are standing as well as lying down. Your skin tone and the degree of loose skin in the abdominal region will be assessed. They also will evaluate the amount of excess fat in your abdomen and the condition of your abdominal muscles.

    Dr. Rottler or Dr. Hulsey will take photos of your breasts and/or abdomen for medical records, as well as examine and measure your breasts, nipples, and areolas. Examining the size, shape, skin quality, and placement will allow for the best recommendations for your procedure.

    You should come to the consultation prepared to discuss your medical history. This will include information about any medical conditions, drug allergies, medical treatments you have received, pregnancies, previous surgeries and medications that you currently take. It is important for you to provide complete information.

    During the consultation with Dr. Rottler or Dr. Hulsey, you will be asked about the results you would like to achieve from your Mommy Makeover. This will help them understand your expectations and determine whether they realistically can be achieved. Looking over Mommy Makeover before and after photos in our gallery will help you develop realistic expectations in advance.

    It is important to raise any concerns you may have during your consultation. Our surgeons will answer your questions and ensure that you thoroughly understand the mommy makeover and the benefits you can expect from it.

    The two of you will work together to choose the procedures that will be included in your customized mommy makeover. Dr. Rottler or Dr. Hulsey will create a surgical plan. Instructions will be provided to prepare you for your mommy makeover procedure. Finally, a date will be set for the operation.

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    How much will a Mommy Makeover cost?

    • $15,400 and up. Price based on O.R. time used.
    • Price includes surgeon’s fee, hospital and anesthesia.

    The Procedure

    A mommy makeover can last around three to five hours, depending on the procedures that are included. In some cases, more than one surgical session is required.

    The procedure will start by administering general anesthesia into the patient. Once the anesthesia takes full effect, incisions will be made in the chosen areas according to the surgical plan.

    Next, changes will be made according to the patient’s aesthetic goals. Finally, the incisions will be sutured and bandaged to finish the mommy makeover procedure.


    • Back to work 2-4 weeks.
    • More strenuous activity 4-6 weeks.
    • Scar fading 3 months to 2 years.
    • Patients must not stand up straight for 1-2 weeks.
    • Dr. Rottler and Dr. Hulsey use a progressive tension suture technique so no drains are needed.

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