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    Fat Grafting

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    Fat grafting is the process of transferring a small amount of a patient’s fat to another area of the body, such as the face, to improve definition and skin texture. In St. Louis, fat grafting is performed by expert and highly trained plastic surgeons Dr. Paul Rottler and Dr. Angela Hulsey.

    How Does Fat Grafting Work?

    This procedure is also known as autologous fat transfer, with “autologous” literally meaning “derived from the same individual.” Essentially, fat tissue is harvested from another area of the patient’s body (typically the abdomen, hips, thighs, or buttocks), purified in a centrifuge, and then strategically injected where needed. Adding volume in certain facial locations provides a lifting effect for smoother, fuller skin. 

    Am I A Candidate for Fat Grafting?

    Fat grafting is an excellent choice for most patients struggling with a loss of volume in particular areas of the face. This often causes mild to moderate wrinkles, lines (such as laugh lines and marionette lines), folds, and sagging skin in locations like the: 

    • Forehead
    • Temples
    • Periorbital areas (around the eyes)
    • Cheeks
    • Nose
    • Lips
    • Jawline and chin

    To accurately determine if fat transfer is the best treatment option for your goals, you’ll first need to come in for a consultation with Dr. Rottler or Dr. Hulsey so they can accurately assess your symptoms and review your complete medical history.

    Since this technique only involves the use of your own fat, patients can’t be allergic to it, as they might be with some dermal fillers. However, fillers can provide more flexibility later on. Alternatively, more severe levels of skin aging may necessitate facelift and/or neck lift surgery.

    What Happens During A Fat Grafting Procedure?

    If approved for fat grafting, your surgery will take place at Seven Oaks Surgery Center, LLC, which is next to our St. Louis, MO, practice. You’ll likely be given local anesthesia with intravenous sedation for your comfort, but general anesthesia may be required in some cases. This will be discussed in more detail during your consultation.

    Next, Dr. Rottler or Dr. Hulsey will make a tiny incision in the harvesting location and extract a small amount of fat tissue. The tissue is run through a centrifuge to separate the fat cells from their surrounding oils. Lastly, the purified fat is injected into the face in specific areas to plump and smooth the skin.

    Fat Grafting Recovery and Results

    Most patients only report minimal facial and harvesting area swelling or bruising that typically clears up within the first few days of recovery. We will recommend avoiding intense exercise for 24-48 hours or until these concerns subside. Results are usually apparent almost immediately and are meant to last indefinitely.

    How Much Does Fat Transfer Cost?

    The price of your fat grafting treatment plan will depend on the extent of your symptoms and the amount of fat needed to be harvested, among other patient-specific factors. Eligible patients may use financing with CareCredit or Alphaeon to manage the cost of care.

    Contact Us to Learn More

    Our patients have experienced incredible results thanks to our treatments using fat grafting in St. Louis, Missouri. To have a conversation about your options with Dr. Paul Rottler or Dr. Angela Hulsey, contact us today to schedule your consultation!