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    Neck Lift

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    A neck lift, or lower rhytidectomy, is a surgical procedure performed to tighten and lift the skin of the jawline and neck for a smoother, more youthful appearance. In St. Louis, the neck lift is completed by board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Paul Rottler and board-eligible plastic surgeon Dr. Angela Hulsey.

    Which Symptoms Are Addressed With The Neck Lift?

    Aging, heredity, sun damage, and smoking frequently result in the skin losing its firmness and elasticity. This is often most apparent on the face and neck, where wrinkles, lines, and loose, hanging skin (known collectively as skin laxity) can significantly impact a person’s self-esteem.

    Specifically, a neck lift can be used to address one or more of these symptoms:

    • Jowls (the sagging fat and excess skin along the jawline)
    • “Double chin” (hanging fat just below the chin)
    • Banding of the neck skin and underlying muscle, commonly known as “turkey neck” or “turkey wattle”

    How Is A Neck Lift Different From A Facelift?

    The neck lift is often administered at the same time as the facelift technique. Many times, skin laxity on the face and neck occurs simultaneously, so it usually makes sense to do both procedures during the same operation.

    This is especially true for extensive jowling, which can be addressed with a facelift, neck lift, or both. After that, facelifts are typically recommended for patients with sagging cheeks, prominent laugh lines, and other signs of skin laxity in this area of the face.

    During your consultation, Dr. Rottler or Dr. Hulsey will carefully examine your skin to determine if plastic surgery is the right option for you and, if so, which procedure(s) best match your symptoms. Your treatment plan could include a neck lift and facelift, but an eyelid lift and brow lift might also be excellent ideas.

    How Is Neck Lift Surgery Performed?

    If approved for neck lift surgery, your procedure will take place at Seven Oaks Surgery Center, LLC, next door to our practice. You’ll be provided with either general anesthesia or intravenous sedation with local anesthesia to make sure you’re comfortable.

    Dr. Rottler or Dr. Hulsey will then make an incision in front of each ear near the sideburn, around the earlobes,and then up behind the back of the ear. Each end of the incision may extend up into the hairline, but not always. A separate incision might also be made directly under the chin if needed.

    From there, the jawline and neck skin is pulled back, and any excess fat is removed. The platysma muscle, which stretches across the neck just below the surface, may also be tightened. Next, the skin is redraped back over the treatment area and tightened. Any unnecessary skin will be removed at this time.

    What Happens After Neck Lift Surgery?

    After your surgery is complete, you might have drainage tubes in place to aid in the removal of any excess fluids; these will probably be removed after one or two days. You’ll also have compression bandages to help your neck skin heal and adhere to its new positioning. These must be worn until otherwise directed by your surgeon.

    Plan to take at least 7-14 days off work for recovery and avoid intense exercise for at least a month. Most patients see the full results of their neck lift after several weeks, as any residual swelling subsides.

    How Much Does A Neck Lift Cost?

    Neck lifts are customized to each patient’s needs, affecting the exact surgical techniques and corresponding price. Since it is frequently performed simultaneously with the facelift and other facial plastic surgery procedures, the cost of your particular treatment plan may vary.

    Restore Your Confidence

    Feel confident in your profile again by exploring your options for a potential neck lift in St. Louis, MO. Contact us today to schedule your initial consultation.