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    Plastic Surgery Procedures St. Louis

    Comprehensive Information on Plastic Surgery Procedures

    St. Louis Plastic Surgeons Dr. Rottler and Dr. Hulsey offer the following plastic surgery procedures.

    Facial Rejuvenation and Enhancement

    From reducing wrinkles to improving the overall texture and look of your face, these procedures can make you look like you are years younger. Over time the collagen that keeps the skin elastic begins to break down, this results in loose sagging skin as well as wrinkles for many of the residents of St. Louis. Cosmetic surgery, like face lifts, directly address this situation by pulling the flesh and muscle of the face into a tighter and higher position.

    Plastic Surgery of the Breast

    Cosmetic surgery focused on the breasts can help undo the effects of aging or breast-feeding. Sometimes larger breasts can result in back pain or other complications. Reduction surgery can reduce and reshape the breasts into a more balanced size, while providing relief from back and shoulder pain.

    Body Contouring Surgery

    In St. Louis, cosmetic surgery can be handled by trained professionals like Dr. Rottler and Dr. Hulsey to reshape the body