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    Caroline's Breast Augmentation Story

    Hi My name is Caroline McCarth and I came to Dr. Rottler to get breast augmentation. Dr. Rottler is great. He explains the process to you from A-Z. He’s not in a rush to get any kind of work done. He cares about your comments and concerns and he answers every question fully. He first makes sure that you’re the right candidate to get the whichever procedure you decide. For example, if you’re a full-figured woman and curvy, the implants that he will put in you will not only enhance your figure, but they will compliment it as well. Dr. Rottler will not just put any size implants inside of you. He will make sure that the implants will be the right size for you. After all, you’re out there representing his work. He wants to make sure that you are not only satisfied with the results but that it also exceeds your expectations. I’m so happy I decided to have Dr. Rottler perform my procedure. Dr. Rottler and his staff are just like family to me.